Charleston Provence

Rebecca Pelletier celebrates her  roots and isn’t afraid to let them show! A native of Savannah, Rebecca created  Charleston Provence to accessorize her interior design projects.

Named for two of her favorite places,  Charleston and Provence, Rebecca has been bringing southern charm to the  Enderle Center for 8 years. Filled with luxurious bedding, fluffy towels,  environmentally friendly cleaning products, soaps and candles galore, you’re  sure to find just the right treat for you, your home and that special gift!

Charleston Provence will be  celebrating their grand re-opening at the end of October with a movie into a  new location right next to Zov’s Café and a reintroduction of Rebecca Pelletier  Interiors. Rebecca’s color expertise and tasteful design, along with her  quality products combine to create a unique mix. Check out their spa events and  learn how to create an oasis of tranquility within your own bathroom by using  candles, mood lighting, scent and sound. If you have young ones, ask Rebecca  about the etiquette classes she teaches 10-13 year-olds!

Rebecca has shaped Charleston  Provence into a niche retailer. Soy-based candles, French soaps made with shea  butter, and elegant linens from Peacock Ally and Abyss are just a few of the  treasures you’re sure to discover to stop by and experience southern  hospitality at its very best!

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