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Crab Cooker, Tustin, California

Long known as institution  freshest seafood available, the Crab Cooker in Newport Beach is a local  landmark. Bob Roubian, “the flounder” – oops, we mean founder – started the  restaurant in 1951. People come to the Crab Cooker from far and wide. With the  opening of a second branch in Enderle Center in 1992 with son-in-law Jim Wasko,  Tustin locals are thrilled that the sea is brought to them

Jim knows fish. When he’s not  fishing on his boat, the “Fin Hunter,” Jim is at the Crab Cooker making sure  things are running smoothly. Of course, he couldn’t do that without the help of  managers Chris and Lupe, who have been with the restaurant for over 20 years,  and several long-term waitresses.

The Crab Cooker offers two daily  fresh fish. Farm raised Scottish salmon is always available and the fish of the  day is rotated depending on the supply and the seasonality. Jim is conscious of  the impact fishing in large quantities can have an ocean populations and opts  to offer eco-friendly choices. It also means he is able to provide the freshest  products available.

Seasonality is a key factor in  the Crab Cooker’s menu. Local lobsters are available from October until March,  Alaskan halibut from March until November, and oysters from the cold waters of  Nova Scotia are available from October until April.

The Crab Cooker is proud to  embody the slogan, “Searching out the world’s best seafood is a pleasure for  us.” Always smiling faces and a friendly atmosphere, Crab Cooker does fish  right!(

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