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Frank's Menswear, Tustin, California

Frank  Johnson is a great believer that “predictable is passe.” It’s no wonder, when  you consider that his father was the famous Sir Wicket and that Frank grew up  in the backroom of the clothing store. Now with nearly 40 years of experience,  Frank has moved from Tustin Avenue to Plaza Lafayette to Enderle Center in late  2010. Frank’s Menswear fills an important niche here in Enderle Center.

Specializing in German and  Italian fashions, Frank strives to carry small, undiscovered lines of menswear,  from shirts and suits to jeans and shoes. Anything a “hip and fun” guy wants  can be found at Frank’s. His straight talk and close client relationships  ensure that he helps men to break out of their boxes and try something new. His  clients include actors, singers, and sports personalities, as well as your  every day man. He is always available for any client, even during off hours.  You can even get your clothing tailored in house.

According to Frank, southern  California is “THE PLACE” to be for men’s fashions. With the changing markets,  the West Coast is leading the way in men’s designs. This shift is one of the  things Frank loves about his business – the unknowable future and the thrill of  success when his gambles in fashion pay off.

In his free time, the dapper man  on the golf course, well, that’s Frank

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