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Designer Kitchens Inc., Tustin, California

In Enderle Center for 25 years, Ayeshah  Morin of Designer Kitchens provides high-end design to discriminating  clientele. A certified kitchen designer with an MA in economics, Ayeshah loves  to take an existing room and change it into something functional and beautiful.  Her very first remodeling experience was for herself after her stove caught  fire. Designer Kitchens provides  initial in-home remodel consultations at no charge. Ayeshah  and her team will work with you or your  design professional to ensure they create the perfect room for you. Don’t let  the Designer Kitchens name fool you! They are experts at designing not just  kitchens, but bathrooms, outdoor entertainment and cooking areas, offices, home  additions, total home remodel and are licensed general contractors.

The Designer Kitchens creative  team strives to provide a positive remodel experience. Johnny, a certified  kitchen designer, has been with Ayeshah for 6 years, bringing his knowledge and  organization to every job. Carrie, who has been with Designer Kitchens since  2009, applies her creative talent to skillfully designed bathrooms among other  remodels. Their field team has been working together for over 20 years which  ensures that everyone sticks to schedule and everything runs smoothly from  start to finish.

Ayeshah, Johnny and Carrie take  sustainability very seriously incorporating green products into their designs.  Some of the products they use are the beautiful Vitrazzo countertops made from  a composite of recycled glass and concrete, handsome Wood-Mode cabinetry, and  Anne Sacks tile and stone. Their products are all American and Canadian made.

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