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Mr. Jill's Body Firm, Tustin, California


Former professional cyclist and  Tour de France participant Jill Kahler is passionate about fitness. Her resume  includes a master’s degree in exercise physiology, a certificate in community fitness,  and certifications by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American  Council on Exercise.  Jill opened her  first gym in Tustin next to her husband’s bike shop, Santiago Cycling. In Mr.  Jill’s relocated to Enderle Center and has been here ever since.

With the help of loyal  professional trainers, Mr. Jill’s offers a friendly and non-intimidating atmosphere.  The hour-long training sessions can be one-on-one or small group and always  incorporate a lot of variety to keep you motivated and improving. Their  trainers use balls, bands, dumb bells, machines and many other props to engage  the maximum number of muscle groups. Expert trainers Livia, Michael, Kurt,  Melanie, David, and Ian are long term fixtures at Mr. Jill’s with Ian leading  the pack at 14 years, and the other trainers not far behind.

Jill’s calling is to have a  dramatic impact on her clients’ current and future health and fitness. At the  initial consultation Jill determines a client’s game plan and assigns a trainer  to them who she feels will best meet their needs. Mr. Jill’s offers nutritional  counseling and guidance, body composition testing, caloric requirements, and a  complete array of physiological testing.

Mr. Jill’s has reunited old  friends, created new friendships and connected clients professionally. Whether  you are new to health and fitness or a life-long devotee, Mr. Jill’s invites  you to be part of their extended family.



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